Darin de Vries


Role: Lead programmer / Graphics programmer ( Optimization )

Timeframe: 1 year

Team size: 18 ( 6 Programmers, 6 Designers, 6 Artists)

Platform: HTC Vive & Oculus Rift

Engine: Unreal Engine 4.21.2


As a Lead programmer, I was responsible for 5 developers. I coordinated them throughout the project ensuring that our vision on the tech was on one line without any obstacles. Furthermore, I've set up the workflow pipeline that we ( as the whole team ) decided to use during our time developing the game. Was responsible for the tech design document which had the different rulings for programming that we were going follow to keep everything in the same style. Besides that all I've been responsible as a spokesperson ( just as the other leads ) to completely tell the story of how everything is going within the project.

For graphics, I'm responsible for everything through the render pipeline. From the forward rendering till the point of post process. I've been working on pushing the game to its limits whilst trying to maintain a steady 90 frames per second. I've been using a lot of different techniques that were available to me to really get to the boundaries of VR. Distance culling, Level of detail, level volumes, optimization of the scene, second lighting optimization pass. To further check what else could be optimized I used the built-in tools of Unreal as well as making use of tools like RenderDoc to check on models that seemed to behave strangely in the engine.

Contact me

Telephone: +31 (0) 619454011